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Back Story

The idea for Veeshee began from a project Brittany was working on at Veeshee’s sister company, UberPrints. During the launch of UberPrints’ “in-house embroidery” offering, Brittany discovered that the lengthy, industry-standard turnaround time from boutiques that customers had become accustomed to (as much as two weeks) was completely unnecessary. In fact, a simple monogram can be completed in a couple minutes. This revelation sparked the original birth of Veeshee, which began as an online monogramming boutique. “We started in a basement (how original) and soon after rented space in a garage apartment of my parents’ friends. During the early days of Veeshee my mom and I spent many late nights finishing up the day's orders.”

It was an exciting time as Veeshee began growing rapidly but things had also become stressful. Brittany quickly realized that as long as she was having to rely on third-party vendors for her goods that she would have only minimal control over the quality and delivery time of such goods which was totally unacceptable. Veeshee had to be synonymous with quality & quick turnaround thus, Brittany and the team began considering the idea of Veeshee becoming its own “brand” and manufacturing products in-house.

The team’s research and investigation into manufacturing eventually led them to the idea of customization. “Why not let our customer's pick what they want instead of us choosing for them. What if we allowed our customers to design their own products?”

In 2014, while still in its infancy, Veeshee decided to reinvent itself and had there been a board of directors or any VC involvement at the time, this would have been a very hard sell. Ignoring more traditional business logic, Veeshee relaunched as a completely new brand offering customers the ability to design their own products. In order to execute this concept, a team of seamstresses was hired, a product-line was developed and materials were sourced. Veeshee was now locally producing custom products on-demand – who’d of thought it was possible?

There was still however, another hurdle for Veeshee to overcome – customized products which are produced on- demand domestically are more expensive than the products produced under the original Veeshee monogramming model which resulted in a customer transition period. Veeshee had to build a completely new customer base that desired custom, quality, American made goods. So essentially, Veeshee began again in late 2014 – and the team has never looked back!

Make it you

Veeshee today is more exciting than ever. We have built up an incredible team of seamstresses that operate out of our Athens, GA production facility. As products are designed and orders placed, the team cuts, sews and assembles each product on demand. With experience ranging from LL Bean, Laura Ashley, Talbots, and more, we are so fortunate to have found such an experienced and incredible seamstress team.

Veeshee’s Values

Veeshee is all about “the experience”. The Veeshee objective is not to merely sell an item – it’s about creating an experience customers won't forget. The goal is for Veeshee customers to be excited as they create a Veeshee, gift a Veeshee and carry a Veeshee. We want every customer / Veeshee interaction to be exciting and pleasant. We want customer’s to love Veeshee.

Behind the scenes at Veeshee.com
Behind the scenes at Veeshee.com
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