About Us

Creating unique products for creative souls

We’re Veeshee

We're Veeshee and our mission is to bring quality, handcrafted products back into everyday lives. We love to create things for those who appreciate quality craftsmanship. Basically, we make cool products for cool people (like you) that don’t fall apart. Our design process is to make each item as unique as you are. Oh and we make them right here in the US, in Athens, GA. We’re inspired by travel, colors and textures. We love good food, wine and babies. Our goal is to create beautiful products that last for years to come. We love what we do and we hope you love your Veeshee as much as we loved creating it!

The Process

We’re artisans that value craftsmanship. We live by the moto “it’s all in the details”. After carefully sourcing materials, we have our fabrics, leather and hardware delivered to us where the fun begins. Each piece is cut and assembled by a team of perfectionists. All of our prototyping, prepping and creation is done in our Athens facility. No detail is missed. Our seamstresses have years of experience sewing for brands such as LL Bean, Laura Ashley, Talbots, and more, we are so fortunate to have found such an experienced and incredible seamstress team.

Made in the USA

Who says manufacturing has left the US? We’ve got an incredible team right here in Athens, GA. These girls have years of experience and have seen the industry change dramatically over the years. They love creating your Veeshee and are excited to be working on fun creative products.

Behind the scenes at Veeshee.com
Behind the scenes at Veeshee.com
Veeshee Seamstresses